Slowly but steady I am diving more and more into the marvelous world of paragliding.

Last year I was making it up with a great friend from the Auerhütte am Seewaldsee (always worth a visit!) the Hochkönig (see more) and was looking after the pilots – with goosebumps on my skin!


Now, half a year later, I am about to finish my paragliding / pilot license under the supervision of Flugschule Salzburg and Paragliding Store Hubert.

I am getting a better feeling for the handling of the equipment, becoming more sensitive to what the glider is doing in the wind, gaining more self-confidence with “not so perfect” conditions – and still be much aware of the risk that simply comes along when you are running head-first down the mountain and when you end up with a lot of air below you.

So far though I am soaking up every little new experience, every input, every connection I can get – to learn how to manage different weather, different starting/landing sites and to eventually experience the finest art of paragliding: Cross-Country flying and being able to make it from one thermal spot to the next and to fly for hours and hours.

Free like a bird.

Combining it with hiking up the mountain, gaining it, with sleeping outside – and to add aerial photography.

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