If all looks foggy, dreary and as if you would rather stay in bed… maybe a change of your perspective makes a difference. Spontaneously decided to spend a Friday winter night up on top my doorstep-mountain Hochstaufen for a bivouac – with a spectacular nightsky as well as views of fog/clouds from above.


A quick check on the webcam up there (in DSLR-quality) per https://www.foto-webcam.eu/webcam/hochstaufen/ was promising – to say at least…

18kg aren‘t that bad to haul up if you know for sure that it’s going to be awesome!
Yes, I was freezing and did only sleep for a bit over 4hrs.
But damn was it amazing once the sun got out…!

Don’t forget to clear your mind once in a while. Otherwise you may not even realize that you’re stuck in your imaginary hamster wheel…

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