I am a freelancer photographer...

…based in Piding, Bavaria, Germany. Originally from the Baltic Sea in Germany, I decided in 2013 to live in the US for at least a few years and take a big chance in my main job as a mechanical engineer.

After 3.5y and many precious life experiences in the USA, I moved back to Europe and did settle in the very South-Eastern corner of Germany right at the Austrian border. 

Eventually I became a Project Manager and did run the circus for 5.5y (at that time in the medical machinery industry). Today I am working in the Quality Management – which may be a reason for my structured preparations and general approach when it comes to run photography shootings.


The decisions to relocate were also driven by my need to travel and explore – which of course is a perfect combination for my love for photography. I first developed my appreciation for serious photography while I was on my first big trip in life to Peru and Bolivia in 2008.

One fine Gentleman allowed me to capture a glance of him – and will never be forgotten. Even though this shot wasn’t even taken with a DSLR with a fancy lense but a compact camera, it reminded me in all those years ever since that it is the right moment that counts – not a photo gear for 8000 EUR.

Now, over 15 years and a lot of staged photo shoots, one lost flash unit, dirt in my lenses and sand grain in my camera later, I am shooting with a mirrorless full-format camera and are looking forward to all the incredible landscapes and the adventures they offer – as well as to the stories of the people who will come along!

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i will be ready with my camera...

And while I´m on my winding, rocky road of life through North and South America, Scandinavia and Europe, I´d like to share my adventures with you.

To see things…

…thousands of miles away, things hidden behind walls and within rooms, things dangerous to come to, to draw closer, to see and be amazed.

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