Hochkönig, AUT – Nov 2020

Hiking up in winter conditions to the Matrashaus (2941m) on top of the Hochkönig to watch hike-and-fly (as well as two climb-and-fly) paragliding pilots taking off.

I am starting to like the idea of skipping the hours of hiking back down – but to simply glide back into the valley…

The last one who followed his buddy had to abort two take-offs. So far so normal… But to start with TWISTED lines -and to therefore not have any control at all anymore- was something I did only realize after checking my pictures with zooming in. Oh my…!
He sent me an email (because of the pictures) and admitted right away that this was the worst start ever for him.

Couldn‘t believe my buddy in the beginning when he asked me if that‘s supposed to be to turn 360° with your harness under the glider (to get back to normal). 😳🙈

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