Your request for a shooting

I am very open for challenging ideas for a shooting. However, prior contacting me please know that I am having a demanding main job and that I am doing photography rather for fun and for meeting new personalities than for money.

# 1 – We get together by the idea and if it adds to my portfolio.

# 2 – We find a deal for a fair price.

If you are in then please let me know right away at least about the following:

  • What´s your idea?
  • Until when do you need the pictures?
  • Do you already have a location? Where is it?

After your contact we will conduct the shooting until the publication of our pictures in the following fashion:

  • We get to know each other ideally in person. Alternatively per phone call.
  • If we match in regards of the idea we´ll do a brainstorming about location, outfit, details.
  • Explanation in detail about the TFP/Pay-Contract.
  • A mutually signed contract prior our shooting will be mandatory.
  • Release of a (if required: password-protected) folder on my server.
  • I will and have to limit myself with the post-processing of the pictures. As you can see on my portfolio though I am selecting well…


I am looking forward to hear from you – per email or Telegram.