Let´s Talk about dying..

In our western world the words “dying”, “death” or “cancer” leave quite bad taste.

If giving birth is such a natural process – then why do we have such a problem to talk about the process of dying?

I am volunteering for hospice care at the “Hospizverein Berchtesgadener Land e.v.”. During my work I realized that a lot of people do want to talk more about their thoughts and fears. But are hesitant as this appears to be a taboo topic in our society.

This is where Rudi and myself want to show the world that there isn´t anything wrong with openly talking about prostata cancer, the fear of not being seen anymore in our society or that someone simply feels overwhelmed by this entire situation.


Rudi is a gentleman that I have met in May 2023 for the first time. His intelligence, communication skills and attitude towards life was quite impressive to me.

As he was sharing more and more of his views and fears with me I did stumble over one comment while he was in a very sad emotional state: He doesn´t feel that he is seen by his fellow human beings. People don´t seem to realize that even though he appears to be a lucky man most of the time, he does have particular needs which come naturally with his prostata and (!) bone cancer.

As a photographer I connected the dots and simply asked him if he would allow me to not only accompany him until he leaves the world that we know – but also take pictures from him no matter in what kind of emotianal state he is.

So here we go: Rudi in all his glory! What a interesting man.

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And if you like to know more about the general role of a volunteer for hospice care you may check out this interview:

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