Very relaxed hike up to “Crater Lake” right below “Lone Eagle Peak” plus ascent up to “Cherokee Peak” at the Rocky Mountain NP.

Too early this year with much too much snow still on the ground…
When you’re breaking into snow at least up to your knee at every third step, you still need to make 2/3 of the track, you’re having about 23kg on your back, you feel the thin air at close to 3000m (10 000ft) and you’ve already burned too much energy, at one point you just have to face that it get’s dangerous and you might think about to turn around. argh!

However, as disappointing it was not to reach your dedicated dream spot:

  • high altitude training close to 3000m (10 000ft)
  • much more experience and general training for solo-trips
  • tested my new ice axe (wow! what a valuable tool!)
  • saw a beaver, fox and even had contact with a big ass moose! ha!
  • my very first timelapse! Why didn’t I start with that earlier??!? How awesome is that?!

Not bad for a 3.5d trip, I guess!

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