Alpine-Tour: Wildspitze, AUT – July, 2018

Can’t believe that it was only three weeks before, that I participated at my first alpine-tour training. At that training, I gazed up towards the Grossglockner (3798m) – which is the highest mountain in Austria.

Last weekend, I spontaneously joined a group of other mountaineers to climb up the Wildspitze (3768m) – which is the second-highest mountain in Austria.

Heck yeah!
Even though it is for sure no fun to get up at 3:30 in the morning out of a tent, it turned out to be the most rewarding but challenging alpine tour for me so far:
In action for 12hrs and with an altitude difference of almost 1800m, crevasses all over the freaking glacier, with my left leg fully hanging in one of them, first time climbing with crampons in mixed conditions (rock, ice and snow), holding a fall with the mountain axe and with my rope partners in live condition – as trained before – and sketchy walks on ridges…

While postprocessing the pictures, I realized that I missed quite some more good photo-ops – but simply had to concentrate on the mountaineering part. Even though most of the pics do look amazing (at least to me…), I like to emphasize that they would not have been possible if we wouldn’t have worked together as a rope-team.

Orientation requires extra time to think about, managing the rope and scouting over the crevasse-scattered glacier requires experience, one guy is the responsible for the photos and the next one knows more than others about first-aid.

Another example?
I’ve seen it coming that 3 liters won’t be enough for me on this trip – especially when you gotta drink more than usual on higher elavations.
So Christoph simply packed 1.5l of extra water.
On all my adventurous trips so far, I have always tried to stay independent from others – and don’t have to rely on others.
But when you’re hauling the extra photo-gear, you can’t also pack over 4 liters in addition. So much to teamwork. As simple as it is…

Dominique, Christoph, Juliane: Wow! Thank you for inviting me!
Learned a lot and kicked my own ass to get him up there – and safely back down together with you guys.

What an experience! Let me know when we’ll start the next tour… I’m all in!

If anyone has the experience to lead such an alpine-tour and would like to take someone along who knows about photography (and First-Aid): Contact me!

Additional pictures: Photo credit to Christoph Moosbauer

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