Watzmann, GER – Aug 2020

Even though I don’t really give a damn about the “classic mountains that you MUST climb at one point”, the Watzmann simply is a very present mountain here in this area.

Now that I live here for over three years it just was about time though… I admit it! :D

This is about our first Watzmann climb and hike – starting and ending at the Wimmbachbrücke with picture perfect weather conditions.

Kudos to Fancy-Fränzi for pushing herself to 11!

Thumbs up!

  • Overal distance/altitude difference: Approx. 25km/2462m
  • Overal time/moving time: Approx. 12:13hrs/10:30hrs
    04:00 Start at Wimbachbruecke – 637m 06:30 Watzmannhaus – 1930m 08:30 Hocheck – 2651m 10:30 Suedspitze – 2712m [11:15 Departure] 14:00 Wimmbachgrieshuette – 1327m [14:55 Departure] 16:13 Finish – 637m

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