US-Roadtrip 2018: Midwest

Coming back to the Midwest for a US-roadtrip the first time after moving back to Germany surprisingly felt like coming back home:

The closer I drove up to Green Bay, the more I realized that 3.5y with so many valuable experiences, friends and memories wasn’t just a quick visit but rather a chapter in my life I don’t want to miss.

Chicago itself, Bill Murray on stage at the Chicago Theatre, “The Jazz Showcase” (since 1947 btw!), “Kingston Mines (since 1968), The Chicago Art Institute, Green Bay friends and former co-workers, Northern Wisconsin with the real cabin life, still iced up lakes, cruising around in fancy Oldtimers, good old american “pew! pew!”, having a good time with real friends – and all topped with an amazing wedding in Minneapolis by my friends Dan and Ann.
Oh, and Shot-Ski-Olympics!
How could you beat that?! :-)

It made me quite happy to show my mom at least a part of the “real America” – which is not just San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas and New York. Leaving politics aside, it is as always, the people outside of the big tourist magnets which are making the difference.
You can say what you want about the Midwest but they are for sure not the stereotype of the US-Americans – that many of us have about them, unfortunately.

Baltic Sea, Schwäbisch Hall, Freiburg, Bad Reichenhall area – and Green Bay: I call you “home”.

Cheers, my friends!

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