Untersberg – Aug 2018

You just have to know the right people to show you the REAL good places…
And if you’re lucky enough, they’re friends who spend the weekend up there with you – to celebrate life, friendship and simply a good time.

Hiked and -to some extent- also climbed up an unmarked steep path up the Untersberg from the Bavarian side. With all the camping and heavy photo gear, I was hauling approx. 24kg up there… over some rather sketchy rock formations… in like 1000 degrees Celsius.
But Sebastian was right when he was promising that the camp spot will be totally worth it:
I’ve seen some fancy spots in my adventurer career… but that spot is for sure among the Top 10.

Amazing place – wonderful friends!
What a perfect ending for a 2 week long vacation.

I feel very thankful to have such friends and to live in such a beautiful area… harrr!

Thank you Sebastian, Jasmin, Jojo, Joelle for such a great trip.
Looking forward to many more to come!

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