The Bear Mace Experience


Reading about the effectiveness of bear spray is one thing.
To test it on your own something competely different!

But to STAND the whole “Bear Mace Experience”… OMG!

  • Hand me some beers!
  • And painkillers!
  • And ice!
  • And water!
  • Not to talk about the A/C to stand in front of it for a while…

Why I did that?
Because preparation is key when you’re planning to get into potential dangerous situations.
Because I’m about to prepare myself for -the very likely- encounter with Mr. Grizzly on our upcoming 9d-backpacking-trip in Denali NP, Alaska in September this year.
Because I should know how important it is to get the fuck out of the wind when a average inland grizzly with 272kg (600lbs) is in a bad mood because of you.
And of course… for science!

For the record:

  • 20-30min to be able to open your eyes again.
  • 40min to get the feeling of a very strong sunburn on your upper body due to all the water streaming down from the face.
  • 60min to be finally more or less OK again.

Personal conclusion:
Almost unimaginably to get the same experience at the end of the world in Alaska.
With a giant grizzly in front of you.
With one of us three guys holding a 12ga Shotgun ready to fire in his hands.
Better make sure to have got the grizzly a big load of the spray in his face as well…

Same again in Alaska without ice, water, beer, painkiller, shower and two guys helping you?!

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