Seehorn, AUT – Oct 2018

Why do we always have to follow rules or opinions like to make it up the mountain fast and light?
Why descending in the afternoon already – when primetime is still to come?
Why not extend an average one day-hike and make a round trip out of it, pack bivouac equipment and photo gear and convince your friends about the stable weather conditions as well as the picture perfect Indian Summer…?

So we did – and went out for another micro-adventure.

Hauled about 22kg on our back up the Seehorn, AUT (2321m) and had a few rather funny conversations when people were asking about what kind of expedition we’re on… Haha!
As soon as we told them about our plan to stay at the peak for sundown and to camp right below the “Hundstod” (2593m) they all changed the way they were talking and would have loved to join.

Cheers to the ones we met on our way up there! :-)

Before someone asks about the stars in the nightsky panorama:
The astronomically false paths of the stars in the nightsky panorama are coming from the missing “nodal point adapter”. Since it is such a special adapter and would add quite some extra weight, I was leaving it back home – but got reminded about the necessity when I was adding up the single pictures to one panorama… Darn it!
Still loving it.

In a few weeks, there will be snow… and freezing nights.
With a clear nightsky.
And snow shoes and tents.
And a nodal point adapter… :-)

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