Cessna 172: Roundtrip LOWS / SZG Salzburg

So what would be the greatest way to finish the day of your successful final test for your Paragliding License (aka „pilot license for poor people“ per Flugschule Salzburg… 😁)?

Exactly… With an evening roundtrip from LOWS / SZG Salzburg in a Cessna 172 checking out the paragliding flying spots!

Gaisberg, Zwölferhorn, Schafberg, Bischling, Hochkönig, Kampenwand, Hochstaufen… and all the other ones I propably have missed.

cockpit cessna 172

As a new Air Pirate (harrr!) I took the chance to fly the aircraft from Lake Chiemsee along the Autobahn A8 until about Teisendorf, got a glance at my place in Piding from a different angle and soaked in all the aviation-experiences which come along when you end the flight at night.

Just keeping an eye on the altitude, the sink-rate and the course kept me busy… geeez! I was surprised how sensitive it is about to steer. Whoup!

What a great 12hr-flying day!


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