Oregon’s Coastline – Jan 2016

Too extreme up on the mountain? Then put on your speedos and get to the beach!

I’ve heard quite a bit about the amount of rain in Oregon and Washington State… But who cares, when everything is just green in the woods! Moss and fern everywhere you look. Truly a rainforest.

Even felt a bit like in Jurassic Park and was permanently looking around for some Velociraptors…

Dinner at “Jetty Fishery” with fresh oysters, crabs and beer – sitting right at the waterfront with the bonfire behind us. Simply the place to be!

Oregon, I’ve just been around for 4 days – but will definitely come back!

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2 thoughts on “Oregon’s Coastline – Jan 2016

  1. Kathleen Bares says:

    Those are some great pictures of your Oregon trip with neighbor Melissa G and Troy…….Glad you liked it so much. To bad the mountain had such a white out, but glad you were able to go to the coast.

    1. tw says:

      Thanks a lot Kathleen! I appreciate your feedback.
      Even though we didn’t make it… we still learned something very important. Something about us, our limits – and how to be flexible enough to get along with such weather too.
      Every day out is a good day – no matter how cold, windy, wet or whatever it is.



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