Hoher Göll, GER – Sept 2018

Sometimes a delay like the “Headache-of-Death” in the morning leads to something good.
In our case: To something amazing!
With our late timing for this tour, we already knew that it’ll become dark on our way back to the car. Properly geared up, we experienced one of the most beautiful light show Mother Nature can come up with when we were descending down to the Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle’s Nest).

“The early bird catches the worm”? – Meeeh, not always…!

23km - 1674m elevation gain - 10:35hrs in total
23km – 1674m elevation gain – 10:35hrs in total

On our way back to the car, we came across a Alpin Club hut with a bachelor party going on (yawn..!), begged for beer, received beer AND a steak and saw a ultra-long shooting star when we continued our descent…

I don’t care about checking off popular mountains and peaks.
I care for the whole thing. For such experiences with friends.
For such fantastic days.

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