Hochalmspitze, AUT – Aug 2019

As a Plan B because of the bad conditions at the Grossvenediger, we decided to get up at 3:35am instead and head for the Malta-valley to aim for a hike and climb up the Hochalmspitze (3.360m). Didn’t get the best view – but an amazing training day with an exhausting Via Ferratta over 3000m. We were just quite disappointed to realize that the option to rapell down to the (remains of the) glacier was simply too dangerous because of the risk of rockfall.

According also to a Czech dude from Prague, 2012 there has been enough snow and ice to keep it safe to descent with a rope, crampons and the ice axe. So we had to climb the same way back – which was way longer than for what we were hoping for. F**** you, climate change! :D

With my upper legs and knees being sore as hell on the way down, at one point I become so freaking angry about myself that I seriously got myself into “beserk-mode” and turned from a stumbling, weak and whining one into a angry, grunting and shouting freak who all of a sudden “turned it up to 11” and basically ran quite a distance to the hut. Didn’t care about the other hikers who were fearful jumping out of the way… Sorry to everyone I did scare!

Whoups…! Haha!

Thanks Christoph for another great mountaineering-trip and the fantastic teamwork.

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