Gear Test – Winter Camping, Michigan

Instead of waiting for more snow, less wind, warmer temperatures, spring or whatever – gear up and get out!

So we’ve been out last weekend in the area of Crystal Falls, Michigan in order to test our equipment at temperatures around -14º C (7º F) combined with a proper training with 20kg (44lbs) on our back.

Yep, it is nasty to wake up in the middle of the night with hurting toes which are close to frostbite. But now I know about the simple physical effect of a thermal bridge from my sleeping bag to the wall of the tent…
For the second half of the night I felt reminded to the scene from the movie “Kill Bill”:

Wiggle your big toe…” :-)

It’s all about experience, to be outside with great fellows, to get at least one awesome picture – and to feel alive under a hot shower afterwards, of course!

Thanks Troy, thanks Buck!

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