Team Alaska: Roadtrip 2015 Add-On

Right after the action movie-like 9d-hiking-trip through the Denali Mountain Range in Alaska (more…) we made our way down south towards Seward as our gate for Exit Glacier and the Kenai Fjords National Park.

“Camping on a glacier?”

“Alright, let´s do it! Weather becomes fantastic…”

“Then let’s pack NOW!”

And so we kind of ran up to the top of Exit Glacier in order to catch the fantastic light at late afternoon and early night for my timelapses. And I got some great material, guys… Uh yeah! :-)
Regardless, to be right on a glacier is definitely an experience you shouldn´t miss out in your life. So grab your tent, backpack and stove, gear up – and go!
And guess who is a cool dude too?

The very next day I was already about to slow it down and book a 6hr boatride for whalewatching… Well, but then I thought “Dude, no matter what, this will be the very last station on your trip to Alaska. So better do something really cool!”

Alright, and so I joined my buddy Troy last minute on a full day trip to Aialak Glacier per small boat and kajak. Boom! What a blast!

The incredible light in the morning did let me shut up completely to enjoy every single minute of it. “Click-Click… Click Click” My camera and I were in long-term operation mode and permanently on focus. Wow! Just wow… Especially the front light pictures are my personal favorites.

So we reached our destination after about 3hrs, got dropped off, jumped into the kajaks and paddled towards the Aialak Glacier. Long story, short: You think “Well, that’s quite a big moving icefield, man!”. Until you recognize the tiny little ship or the floatplane far, far away in the distance! “Holy cow!” With that scale for your eyes you finally realize how BIG this glacier actually is!


Unfortunately my body had to tell me straight up that he has reached his limit after 18days of adventure. I got fever, had to get out of the kajak like a zombie and definitely needed a some nights of good sleep. Luckily it really was just general exhaustion – and so I felt much better after the following two nights in a real bed.

And the pictures? For sure a big, big reward for all the lost sweat on this trip!

Thank you all my friends for your appreciation via social media channels and in person! Awesome! That definitely feels great. :-)

Let me know if you are planning something awesome in the future and would like me to participate – not only as a photographer!


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