Timelapse: Test Sessions July/August 2015

Please watch in HD and Full Screen directly on Vimeo – or transfer me $60 per year to enable this right here. ;-)

This videoclip is all about my progress of practicing Timelapse Photography.
It shows my very first attempts at the beginning until today.
I did play around with different setups and adjustments and was testing and improving following topics:

  • General setup
  • Memory card management
  • Battery management
  • Dew-Control
  • Editing Stills
  • Editing Video
  • Editing Audio

Well, I guess I’m now ready for our Hardcore-Trip to Alaska by the end of this month.
Super stoked about an area with no light pollution, quite some nights outdoor and guys with me which love being outdoor on an adventure as much as I do.
Looking very much forward to see the Northern Lights for the very first time in my life, the Milky Way in full brightness and the clouds over Denali National Preserve – and of course to the fall colors all over!
Uuuh Yeah!

Audio from Premiumbeat.com / Royalty Free Music
Preview file: Styve Bolduc – Braveness

If anyone is interested in working together with me on the audio for the upcoming Alaska footage:

Feel free to contact me!


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