Kayaking to Tall Ships – Aug 2016

Sometimes it just happens:

One night, you talk with your buddy about starting with kayaking. The next day, you are on a hike with a new guy – and it turns out that he is part of a group that currently organizes a kayak-trip to the Apostle Islands this month. Well, the Apostle Islands are still a big point on your bucket list… So you ask to join.

Boom! The very next day, you do a 11km (7mi) trip at Manitowoc. Couple of days later, you do Rescue Training. Some additional days later, you join a mass event in order to also test out the handling of your photo gear on deck and paddle 12.5km (7.75mi).

And all of a sudden you realize: “Man! I did just start with the whole thing a week ago. And in just 10 days, I’m going to be part of a proper kayak-trip for 5 days to one of the most beautiful kayak destinations!”

Ha! Consequent, focused and effective: That’s what I call “German Efficiency”… ;-)

Thanks Jeff, Tom, Scott, Chris and all the other ones at the NEWP!




  1. Welcome to NEWP kayaking. Looking forward to seeing your photos from the Apostle Islands.

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