Joyride to Grand Island, MI

“What?! Aurora Borealis is extra-ordinary active since the last days?! Uh, time to get on a trip up north, I guess!”

So I spontaneously drove up to Lake Superior last weekend with a hope to finally see them not only out of a airplane.

Originally, I was planning for Pictured Rocks National Park – which must be a blast with the current colors!!
However, when I’ve heard from the Ranger in the morning that several campsites are already full (without a legal possibility to camp wild in a National Park…), I’ve simply changed my plan to Grand Island – which is part of the Hiawatha National Forest and allows wild camping.

Mini ferry over to the island, extremely overpacked backpack on – and let’s go!
No one around. Just the wind, the waves at the shore and the just starting colors in the trees… ahh! Nice way to spend his weekend, I guess.
I thought about the propably more spectacular cliffs on the main land. “Yeah, but they are all crowded with a much higher risk that someone will play around with his flashlight while I’m doing the timelapse of the Aurora.”
No, I had done my choice and was putting it all on one card for a lonesome spot for the night.

Well, but when you gamble, you shouldn’t start crying when you loose. No Auroras that night…

However, I came across two other guys from the Chicago area – and had quite a great time with them! Ha!
Cheers, Frank and Ray! Let me know when you’re heading up again.




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